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Why fidget spinners are everywhere

While some high achievers are turning to supplements to help them focus and de-stress, there’s another productivity tool that’s creeping into desk drawers across the country: the fidget spinner. In a time when tech is absorbing every minute of our time and sanity, this low-tech gadget (that looks like it’s pulled from a Hitchcock film) is hypnotizing us back into calm. And whether you’ve seen one online or IRL, these palm-sized devices are also shaping up to be the selfie sticks of summer 2017—equally as ubiquitous and polarizing. (Start asking friends and co-workers how they feel about these propeller-like objects that you hold...

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Can Fidget Spinner's Make You Smarter? Science says yes!

SKIP SUVA IS a fidgeter. When he worked at paper-intensive administrative jobs, he’d doodle incessantly; when he started a coding career last year, he took up fiddling with an SD-card reader that made pleasant snick noises. “Popping the SD card out and clicking it back in,” he laughs. His fidgeting can seem like a crazy tic, Suva admits. But it helps him focus. “When my brain is moving a lot faster than my fingers can,” he says, “it feels like I need something to ground myself.” Recently, Suva bought a tool just for fidgeting: the Focus Cube, by Fidget Widgets....

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New Focus Gadget Goes Viral - achieve "laser beam like focus"?

If you spend any time on social media then you’ve probably heard about this new focus gadget called the Fidget Widget that has recently went viral. We didn’t know much about it beyond the basics - that is was a small pocketable cube that lets its users beat all forms of attention deficit disorder and stress without taking pills or medication. That was quite a claim. So we set out to dig into the story and the product itself to see what all the hype was about and if the product really did what it’s buyers claimed. The need this product...

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