New Focus Gadget Goes Viral - achieve

New Focus Gadget Goes Viral - achieve "laser beam like focus"?

March 20, 2017 2 Comments

If you spend any time on social media then you’ve probably heard about this new focus gadget called the Fidget Widget that has recently went viral. We didn’t know much about it beyond the basics - that is was a small pocketable cube that lets its users beat all forms of attention deficit disorder and stress without taking pills or medication. That was quite a claim. So we set out to dig into the story and the product itself to see what all the hype was about and if the product really did what it’s buyers claimed.

The need this product solves is blatantly obvious, so we immediately understood why a tiny little cube could go viral. 11% of Americans suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and that’s just those that are actually diagnosed. Some experts think that the true number is 3 times that. That’s 33% of the population, or 1 in every 3 people. The other 2 people? Sure they might not have the disorder, but who couldn’t use a little assistance in focusing every now and again? A lack of focus can be extremely frustrating.

Think about it. You try as hard as you can on a given task yet you keep getting distracted again and again. Then the end of the day comes around and you’ve accomplished next to nothing. Well your not alone, and with the only form of relief coming from mood altering medications it can be frustrating to say the least. Many people fail to hold onto a decent job because they can’t perform thought intensive tasks. This leads to careers that are beneath them. Financial insecurity becomes a part of their daily lives, and with it mountains of stress and worry bog them down.

Imagine if lack of focus was never a problem. Think about how you could roll through any task like a steaming locomotive. Your job performance would go through the roof. You’d get promoted early and often. Your salary would get larger and larger. That extra money would lead to a nicer house, a nicer car, better vacations, more confidence, and that confidence would even lead to more attraction from the opposite sex.

So we knew why the cube went viral, next we had one question to answer:

How can a 1 inch cube make someone focus?

So the question we had to investigate when researching this story is how can a small cube with various doohickies on each side give it’s users a superior level of focus? For the answer we turned to the experts; psychologists in the field of attention deficit disorder who were out there in the field trying to find solutions that didn’t involve medications. These experts had done studies concerning this very topic: how physical body movements relate to performance on cognitive or brain related tasks. The results were absolutely astounding.

Then the study’s senior author went on to elaborate:

How did the study work? How did they come up with these results? Very simply. They tracked the subjects movement while answering questions on tests. The study’s participants answered questions correctly on tests significantly more often when they were moving. They also observed that when participants used movement to preoccupy themselves after previously being distracted they could focus back in on the test.

It wasn’t like the UC Davis study was alone in it’s findings. We found study after study from highly reputable organizations that came up with basically the same conclusions as UC Davis.

We also dug into the reviews of the Fidget Widgets itself. We wanted to see what the actual customer experiences were with this product. This task wasn’t easy as the Fidget Toys already had a ton of cheap knockoff imitators. They were using substandard and cheap materials to make vastly inferior products that fell apart after just a few uses. They of course were able to undercut the price and make a good number of sales of their cheap cubes. This led to a lot of mad customers who of gave negative reviews for their cubes due to them falling apart. Once we found the reviews for the original Fidget Widget  itself our jaws hit the floor when we read some of these stories. Virtually everyone had a glowingly positive review, but the stories in which lives were completely turned around by people’s sudden ability to focus truly warms one’s heart.

We’ve included a few of these reviews below for you to look through.


So what does it all mean? What’s the bottom line? Today’s viral internet based world gives the consumer massive benefits. No longer do we need to take a leap of faith when purchasing a product as our fellow consumer can easily tell us if a product is good or not and does what it says We found that the Fidget Widget does what it says and more. We saw stories of stressed out Dads and Moms who could never quite get ahead at work get promoted within weeks of using the Fidget Widget Many children used it while at school and suddenly started getting As and Bs instead of the Cs and Ds they were used to. The list of success stories was endless. We’re just happy that the creators thought to make such a ingenious product.

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Smith James
Smith James

May 09, 2017

I love fidget cube and spinner even there new special edition also.
I have been use 2 yrs…

Bella Strongman
Bella Strongman

April 04, 2017

I bought a few of your fidget toys for my son and he really loves them!

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