10 Crazy Reasons to Make a Custom Fidget Spinner

10 Crazy Reasons to Make a Custom Fidget Spinner

July 06, 2017

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days but until now could not be personalized.  With custom fidget spinners there are endless ways to unique creations for the events and people in your life.  

1. For your kid

Kids love fidget spinners.  You love your kid.  Why not make them a custom fidget spinner with their face on it?  Maybe when they were a baby?  It's a very inexpensive gift they will never forget!

 baby custom fidget spinner

2. For your best friend

Forget boring cards.  This unique gift will show your friend how much you mean to them.  Every time they start feeling their fidget symptoms they bust out their fidget spinner and think of you.


3. For your girlfriend/boyfriend

Show your significant you love them with a cute gift they would never expect and never forget!  It's very thoughtful and very practical.  


4. To promote your company

Get your logo in your customers hands with a giveaway they will be using for years to come.  If you're a pizza company put your phone number on the spinner and next time your customers get hungry and start playing with their fidget spinners they'll know who to order pizza from!

5. As a gift to your employees

T-shirts, pens, and notebooks are so boring.  Why not a gift for the 21st century?  The spinners will be the talk of the office.   

6. As a gift to your customers

Stop giving away refrigerator magnets and start giving away fidget spinners - the perfect gift that will always keep your company on your customers' minds.  

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7. For fundraising

Raise funds for your organization by selling custom fidget spinners with your brand or logo on them as a way to raise money.  In bulk, these spinners come down to just a few bucks, and they could easily be sold for $10, $15, or even more than $20 - they're really fun and they support your organization.  What's not to like?

breast cancer fidget spinners

8. For your pet

People form special bonds with their pets.  Think of them wherever you go by printing your favorite photo on a fidget spinner and see them running around with every flick of your wrist!

cat fidget spinners

9. For a special occasion you wish to remember

The ultimate giveaway at a wedding, graduation party, bar/bat mitzvah event and more!  Give a very unique gift your guests will always carry with them and remember the fun times they had at your event.  


10. For yourself!

Because Fidget Widgets custom fidget spinners can be designed in an endless amount of ways you can make your own custom fidget spinners for your favorite hobby, game, or anything that makes you you!  

guitar fidget spinners


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