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Fidget Toy for Children - Fidget Widget ADHD Stress Guide

January 25, 2017

Children today are more distracted and stressed than ever.  The young people of today have radically different diets, entertainment, and distractions compared to children of previous generations.  These changes have lead to fidgeting behavior which is often times incorrectly diagnosed as ADHD, autism, or another disorder.  In most cases the fidgeting can be cured with a few basic lifestyle changes.  

Why Today's Diet Leads to Fidgeting

Today we have easier access and larger quantities of cheap food.  This include fast food staples like burgers, soda, french fries, donuts, and other high carb, high sugar foods.  High amount of sugar in our diets looks to a dehydrated, underperforming brain which is a big reason why children fidget.  The lack of resources and proper nutrition to the brain makes it difficult for the brain to develop the right chemicals and source the right amount of energy to properly focus, resulting in fidgeting and stressed behavior.

One way to reduce fidgeting in children is by switching to a high fat, low carb, low sugar nutritious diet.  Healthy fat's such as avocado, nuts, and certain types of fish have been proven to help the brain focus and process information.  This change of diet carries with it additional benefits such as weight loss, increased energy, stable mood, and improved cardiovascular health.  

Technology Used by Children

It was only a decade ago when children did not have smartphones, laptops, and high definition screens their entire childhoods.  This huge increase of technology availability has rewired our childrens' brains to have short attention spans and a constant craving for an Internet connection.  Some medical specialists have even seen severe addictive personalities in children as young as six years old who are hooked on the Internet.  

Many parent's are encouraged by child development specialists to limit a child's computer time to at most two hours a day.  

Stress on Children Leads to Fidgeting

While we like to think children of today have it easier than their parent's and grandparent's they are in fact more stressed than ever before.  In today's competitive, fast moving, 24/7 news world children are stressed with a constant bombardment of information and pressure from parents and schools to perform at a high level, be ready for an unpredictable future, and keep up with the latest technology and trends.  Kids of today are spending more time doing homework and preparing for their future than just being kids and growing up at a more even pace.  This leads to stressful, anxious behavior.

Children should learn proper, healthy ways to deal stress.  One way is meditation.  It is proven only 10 minutes of meditation a day can help to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety.  Even meditation once a week has been proven to have benefits compared to no meditation at all. Another way to deal with stress is with exercise.  Exercise helps increase blood flow throughout the body and helps to develop a healthy sleeping pattern.  Proper sleep and a good cardiovascular are known to reduce stress, anxiety, and fidgeting symptoms.  A third way children can reduce their stress levels is by seeking therapy or talking openly about their feelings and worries with someone they can trust.  

What Parents Can Do if They Have Children Who Fidget

A popular product that has been shown to reduce fidgeting in children is the Focus Cube by Fidget Widgets.  This toy is affordable and fun to play with.  It can fit in a pocket or backpack and is safe.  

Each side of the Focus Cube has a special feature for everyone's favorite fidget game:

  • Click - mimics clicking a pen on and off
  • Wobble - a joystick that can be pressed and spun around
  • Spin - a disk spinner
  • Turn - 3 click wheels
  • Rub - a smooth dented part of the cube
  • Switch - a light switch that can be turned on and off as long as you like

The Focus Cube comes in eleven unique colors and can be purchased in bulk.  An optional box for the Focus Cube is available.  

For more information about our Focus Cube please visit our homepage.  

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