Our Story

About Fidget Widgets

Fidget Widgets was founded in 2016 as a premium supplier of fidget cubes, fidget spinners, and other fidget products.  Today we are solely focused on custom fidget spinners and have poised ourself as the #1 custom fidget spinners company in the whole world.

Every fidget spinner made is totally unique and made on demand using high quality ink and industrial equipment.  For videos of our factory and printing process please contact us directly to learn more!

Our Clients

Some of our previous clients include retail stores, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, churches, museums, ADHD foundations, politicians, basketball teams, rock bands, and much more.  Our orders range from 1 to 50,000 units at a time - we want each individual in the whole world to have their own custom fidget spinner. 

Our Vision

Going forward we are looking to increase our diversity of fidget spinner products, establish partnerships with key retail partners, and promote our custom fidget spinners products.  

To learn more about Fidget Widgets and possible partnership opportunities please don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us page, our Facebook page, or e-mail us at

We are based in the US with marketing and fulfillment offices in Israel, China, and Netherlands.  You can call us at +1866-217-2096.  

Thank you for your interest in Fidget Widgets!