7 Causes of Fidgeting and Why You Should Consider Fidget Toys

7 Causes of Fidgeting and Why You Should Consider Fidget Toys

January 21, 2017

Most of us experience some form of wriggling, fiddling with our fingers or squirming in seats. You may also tap your legs up and down or play with your hair. These actions are known as fidgeting. Keep in mind that they are associated with people not paying attention.

Many reasons cause people to fidget. The most common explanation is that people do it as a form of displacement. That's doing actions or emotions that you can’t explain directly. Fidgeting increases as we encounter stressful situations, boredom, or excitement.

An example is when boarding a plane. You will find yourself checking your luggage, passport and ticket, although you already checked them as you waited for departure. Fidgeting can also happen as you wait for an interview or during a social gathering. Remember that time when you are about to give a speech? .

This guide looks at 7 causes of fidgeting among children and adults and why you should consider fidget toys such as the fidget cube. They are:

Why Children Fidget

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

  • One cause of it among children is ADHD. That's when a child experiences disruptive behaviors such as being hyperactive.
  • You will find that such children tend to run around or jump on house furniture constantly.


  • Autism is a condition that's common among young children. It’s also another reason why children fidget.
  • Their difficulty in communicating leads to them fiddling with fingers or touching their hair.

Reasons Why Adults Fidget

Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD

  • It’s also referred to as chronic anxiety neurosis. Signs among adults include worrying excessively about situations or everyday occurrences
  • Keep in mind that we all worry about certain situations such as loss of jobs or illnesses. The difference is that most people who suffer from GAD tend to worry immensely about these occurrences, such that they affect their daily activities.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Another cause of fidgeting is PTSD. This condition is common among adults who have undergone traumatic events such as violence or wars.


  • Fidgeting can also be as a result of menopause among adult women. It refers to the end of fertility and the menstrual cycle.

Panic Disorders

  • Panic disorders also cause adults to fidget. That’s where you find yourself living in fear of a panic attack. Keep in mind that we all have our fears.
  • The difference is people with this disorder may experience them without any cause.


  • Delirium also causes people to fidget.
  • It makes people experience emotional disruption and mental confusion. That leads to them failing to pay attention, remember or think about something, for example, in a social gathering.

Why You Should Consider Fidget Toys, For Example, the Fidget Cube  

  • The fidget cube consists of buttons, switches and clickers.
  • This desk toy comes with 6 different tactile surfaces. They are the spinning dial, a rubbing surface, flickable switch, clickable buttons, movable joystick and rolling gears.
  • It measures 1.3 inches and weighs 4.1 ounces. Fidget toys enable you to fidget secretly while at work. Being lightweight, they are portable, allowing you to carry them your pocket.
  • They come in eight color schemes. That’s die, midnight, graphite, retro, fresh, sunset, berry and society.

Advantages of the Fidget Cube Features

  • Its design enables children and adults to use it in either classrooms or offices. That's because its features imitate the sounds we usually produce in these settings.
  • They include clickable buttons, which mimic the sound generated by clicking pens. The clickable switch enables you to imitate flicking a switch.

Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Fidgeting

  • According to research by the University of Roehampton, this activity allows you to reduce stress, for example, those foot taps, lip bites and hair flicks.
  • People who fidget are also less likely to make mistakes in activities such as mental arithmetic. Fidget toys, for instance, the fidget cube, therefore, come in handy if you tend to fidget while in meetings or social gatherings.
  • That's because they enable you to do it carefully, avoiding distracting other people. They also allow you to pay attention even as you fidget.
  • This device is also budget-friendly, for example, it retails at $19 on most online sites. That includes free shipping.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on reasons why people fidget should get you to consider buying fidget toys, for example, the fidget cube. Check your budget estimates and buy those with color schemes that you prefer.


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