Bang Bang Plastic Fidget Spinner (Limited Edition)

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Bang Bang Plastic Fidget Spinner (Limited Edition) is the perfect companion to all comic book lovers and super hero enthusiasts.Fidget Widgets offers unique spinners high quality custom spinners, free shipping worldwide, fully customizable designs, and no minimum orders.

It is a great gift and accessory for weddings, celebrations, events, trade shows, giveaways, and much more.  Just hold it between your thumb and middle finger and spin with the other hand, or flick it with your index finger for a fun way to relax.

  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Comes with CE certificates - safe to import and safe to sell to children (5+)
  • Small and light to fit in your pocket, desk or purse
  • Rotates for approximately 2-3 minutes with just one flick of the wrist!
  • Spins on many hard surfaces