Black Pearl Focus Bundle - Custom Fidget spinners - Fidget Widgets

Black Pearl Focus Bundle

$19.95 USD

Amazing Limited Time Offer - 3 Fidget Widgets for a Crazy Price! 
Special Collectors Limited Edition!

The Black Pearl Focus Bundle contains everything you need to reduce your stress, improve cognitive performance and get Laser Focused at your everyday tasks.

Every Focus Bundle contains -

  • 1 Focus Cube with six dynamic fidget features, Switch, Flow, Swivel, Compress, Soothe and Twist.
  • 1 Focus Spinner, which offers the best balance of spin time and noise (spin time over 3 minutes).
  • 1 Metal Focus Spinner , elegantly designed as the perfect birthday gift, graduation gift, father’s day gift, or even just a going away gift.

Packed together, These 3 Focus Gadgets will change your life!!