Watery Watermelon LED Bluetooth Fidget Spinner

The Watery Watermelon LED Bluetooth Fidget Spinner, offers the best balance of spin time and noise. We developed a Fidget Spinner that can play music wirelessly from your smartphone!.

This is a unique design! you cannot find it anywhere else.

The noise levels of our Focus Spinner are fairly low, so that you can spin it during class or in a waiting lobby. These “Fidget Gadgets” also make a great gift! Perfect for kids and adults!

This is the perfect birthday gift, graduation gift, father’s day gift, or even just a going away gift! We guarantee that you or the person you’re gifting this Focus Spinner to will love it!

All our Spinners have interchangeable bearings, so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily replace the bearing with another “608” bearing! No Glue Required! our "Hand Spinners" offer everything you're looking for in a sensory Gadget.